Robert Grosseteste

On Angels

Latin Etymology

"...Sicut autem mutabile dicimus quod mutari potest, ita formabile quod formari potest appellaverim. Nulla autem res formare se ipsam potest; quia nulla res potest dare sibi quod non habet; et utique ut habeat formam, formatur aliquid..."

Using the English words below, related to words from the passage, fill in the blanks in the following sentences.


1.  His mother berated him, asking him if he planned to lead such a life forever.

2.  You can title your essay whatever you want, as long as the is justified.

3.  He has been in the of eating eggs for breakfast, he never considered fixing something different.

4.  You should invest your time in somthing less if you want a guaranteed future.

5.  Her was quite high for her young age.

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