John Duns Scotus

On the Beatific Vision

Latin Etymology

Ex his patet maior: Quia si actus beatificus est necessario intuitivus ipsius obiecti, ergo eius ut existentis et in existentia propria praesentis; ergo omnis conditio, quae est obiecti per se beatifici, est eius per se ut in existentia reali, imo, ut in ipsa reali existentia praesentis; ex quo habemus maiorem.

Use the words below, derived from the bolded Latin words above, to fill in the blanks in the following sentences.  Also take note of the more blatant derivatives from this passages such as major, act, necessary, object, existence, present, condition, and real.


1.  If you don't take care of goldfish, how do you expect to care for a dog?

2.  The precocious child's understanding of math continually shocked his teachers.

3.  I really thing you should  your ideas- you might just make a fortune one of these days.

4.  His  look on life annoyed his friends and seemed to give him a cold demeanor that no one enjoyed.

5.  Her  smile betrayed the happiness she felt when she opened the surprise gift her friend had brought her.

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