On the Existence of God

Latin Etymology

Et ex illo motu provenit omne mobile. Et ex eo pendet omnis motor, et omnis compositor in mundo inferiori. Coelum vero movet motu locali qui est antiquus et primus: sicut diximus in propositione xiiii. Sic etiam omnis motus localis pervenit usque ad motum coeli.

Using the English words below, derived from the bolded Latin words above, fill in the blanks in the following sentences. Use the Latin roots for clues to the meanings to the English words.


1. She enjoyed the way the hung and emphasized the thinness of her neck.
2. He refused to eat any food that came from more than 200 miles away and, instead, supported agriculture.
3. Sickened by the jerky of the ride, he had to recover for a few minutes before standing.
4. Should I come to you or are you ?
5. He frequented yard sales, on the look out for anything or just plain antiquated.

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