On Farming
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On  Farming

Latin Grammar: Passive and Deponent Verbs

Numquid forte agriculturam Dominus voluit operari primum hominem? An non est credibile quod eum ante peccatum damnaverat ad laborem? Ita sane arbitraremur, nisi videremus cum tanta voluptate animi agricolari quosdam, ut magna eis poena sit inde ad aliud evocari.

Passive and Deponent Verbs

The lines above, as well as the others in this passage, contain several verbs which are deponent, as well as several regular verbs which are in the passive voice. You recall that deponent verbs have passive forms which are translated as active verbs. Review definitions and principal parts of these verbs.

In the exercise below, identify whether the verbs selected from sentences in the passage on farming are deponent or passive, whether they are indicitave, subjunctive or infinitive forms, name the tense they are in, and then translate them correctly.







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1. arbitraremur
2. agricolari
3. evocari
4. proiiciatur
5. dicitur
6. operaretur

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Verb Review

agricolare (1): farm
arbitror, ari, atus: believe
dico, dicere, dixi, dictus: say
evoco (1): summon
operor, ari, atus: work
proicio, proicere: to expell