Albert the Great

On the Flu

Latin Etymology

Unde si cor esset supra et cerebrum infra, unum non influeret alteri, quia cerebrum moveret ad infra, ubi cor non esset, et cor supra, ubi cerebrum non esset, et ita nullum alteri obviaret influendo. Ideo natura docta oboedire creatori suo, provida et sagax, sic ordinavit, ut unum aliud iuvaret etc.

Answer the following questions.

1. Infrared light is above or below the frequency of visible light?    

2. Supersaturated solutions are saturated above or below the usual level?    

3. Cerebral palsy is a disease of which body part?    

4. The Latin verb oboedire is related to what adjective in English?    

Bonus: An English synonym for the word "shrewd" that is related to the Latin sagax is:    

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