Thomas Aquinas

On Heresy

Latin Etymology

Postmodum vero, si adhuc pertinax inveniatur, Ecclesia, de eius conversione non sperans, aliorum saluti providet, eum ab Ecclesia separando per excommunicationis sententiam; et ulterius relinquit eum iudicio saeculari a mundo exterminandum per mortem.

Use the following English words, related to the Latin vocabulary above, to fill in the blanks in the following sentences.  Refer to the meaning of the Latin words if you are unsure about the words below.


1.  I always enjoy vacations at the beach- there is something purely  about the salty wind.

2.  Why do you think that I always have  motives when I do something nice? 

3.  For some reason, I find some of the most  tasks the most exciting. 

4.  She grew weary of her coworker's  attitude and unwillingness to work as a team. 

5.  We tried to  the dogs, hoping they would stop encouraging each other to bark so loudly.

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