On Leprosy

Introduction by Chip Manekin

Maimonides says: "It follows from this that it attracts a humor which is warmer or colder than it should be, or thicker or thinner. And because of this the passages of the humors are blocked, and putrefaction occurs, and the quantities and qualities of the humors are turned into their opposites. And from this diseases arise, like scabies and pruritis, and great wounds. So it is in leprosy, and the ulcer eating away at the flesh until the form of the limb or limbs is destroyed. This is the argument in these four faculties, and according to the same means it happens to all beings, since it is this which generating things generate, and it brings the permanence of its being within a certain time. ... This same thing is the cause of renewal of the harmful things in the world such as storms and heavy rains, and snow, and hail, and whirlwinds, and thunder, and lightning, and pollution of the air."

Original Latin