John Duns Scotus

On Logic

Latin Etymology

Ad quaestionem dici potest quod iste liber non est de decem vocibus ut de primo subiecto nec aliqua pars logicae est de voce, quia omnes passiones syllogismi et omnium partium eius possunt sibi inesse secundum esse quod habent in mente etsi non proferantur, ut patet inductive , sed est de aliquo priore, quod respectu vocis significativae tantum habet rationem significati.

The adjective omnis, omnis, omne (meaning each, every, or all) forms a common prefix to English words. Fill in the following sentences with various words using the omni-prefix.


1. Man has both sharp teeth to tear meat and flat teeth to grind plant matter because he is biologically an .

2. Many fear committing sins, even out of the site of other, because of the of God.

3. The narrator of a story can tell both sides because of his .

4. The seeming of the dictator placed fear in the heart of the entire nation.

5. The author published an of his first twenty short stories.

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