John Duns Scotus

On Logic

Introduction by Rega Wood

John Duns Scotus says: "Again, logic is either a real science or a discursive one. That it is not real is clear -- therefore it is discursive. Therefore some part of it concerns the signifying utterance, and then that part, which is the first one, will be a simple concept about the significant utterance, just as the book Peri hermenias is a composite concept about the significant utterance.

"In response to the question it can be said that that book is not about the ten utterances as about its primary subject, and that no part of logic is about an utterance, since all effects of a syllogism and all its parts can exist in it, according to the existence that they have in the mind even if they are not uttered, as is inductively clear. Rather it is about something prior, which in respect of the signifying utterance has only an account of what is signified."

Original Latin