Hildegard of Bingen

On Music

O Choruscans Lux

O choruscans lux stellarum,
o splendidissima specialis forma
regalium nuptiarum,
o fulgens gemma,
tu es ornata in alta persona,
quae non habet maculatam rugam.

Tu es etiam socia Angelorum
et civis sanctorum.

Fuge, fuge speluncam antiqui perditoris,
et veniens veni in palatium Regis.

English Translation

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© 2010 Norma Gentile. Available from Healing Chants. Reproduced with permission, all rights reserved.

O dancing light of the stars,
O most splendid special form
of the royal marriage,
O smoldering gem:
You are adorned as a noble person
who has no disfiguring wrinkle;

You are indeed the companion of the Angels
and a citizen of holiness.

Fly, flee from the den of the ancient destroyer,
and coming, enter into the palace of the King.