William of Auvergne

On the Music of the Spheres

Latin Etymology

Hinc est quod, cum Plato credidisset nihil nisi suo simili delectari naturaliter, credidit animas nostras propter vehementissimas delectationes, quas habent animae nostrae in consonantiis simillimas esse ipsis, et propter hoc compositas esse ex consonantiis musicalibus, et inde etaim idem de anima mundi sensit, addens ipsi mundo velut musicam duplicem.

Use the following words, related to words from the passage, to complete the sentences below.


1. I've heard many excuses from students who haven't done their homework, but yours is the most that anyone has ever come up with.

2. We soon discovered why we couldn't grow crops on the land we bought, the of the soil was highly acidic and hostile to plants.

3. While the baker had breads and muffins for sale, it was obvious that it was her pastries that kept the business afloat.

4. I'm going to need of every one of these forms for my own records.

5. Even though all the circumstantial evidence pointed to Mr. Jory, he protested that he was innocent.

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