William of Auvergne

On the Music of the Spheres

Latin Etymology

Iam autem declaravit Aristoteles musicalem sonum vel alium quemcumque ibi locum non habet, et propter hoc neque sonus, praesertim cum sonum emittat aer collisione huiusmodi compressus. Aerem vero in coelis esse impossibile est, cum locus eius naturalis infra sphaeram lunae sit sub sphaera ignis.

Use the following words, related to words from the passage, to complete the sentences below.


1) Our geology teacher explained to us that rocks are formed in conditions of great heat and pressure.

2) Fortunately no one was hurt in the , but the cars were totaled.

3) One way to save computer memory is to large files or programs that are not used very often.

4) When Americans think of football, they think of a ball with an oblong shape.  The rest of the word thinks of a ball.

5) As soon as the teacher started passing out the graded tests, the students began to groans of disappointment.

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