Brigid of Sweden

On Property

Excerpted from Revelationes l.6.46

The Mother answered, “Because you desire to have my son as your dearest possession, follow his words, that he himself spoke in person to the evangelist, that are related to this, so that he himself would be loved above all things. And therefore I bring the six evangelical words back to your memory. The first is that which he said to the rich man, “Go and sell what you have, and give it to the poor and follow me.” The second is: “Do not worry about tomorrow.” The third is, “See how the sparrows feed; how much more our Father will feed men with heavenly things.” The fourth is, “Render the things which are Caesar's to Caesar, and the things which are God's to God.” The fifth is, “First seek the kingdom of God.” The sixth is, “All who hunger, come to me, and I will refresh you.”

original latin

Ideo omnis homo, qui de iuste acquisitis bonis habet possessiones vel etiam pensiones, ei permittitur recipere fructus ad sustentationem sui et familiarium suorum ad honorem Dei.

Cui ego respondi: "Nos hodie habemus victum et necessaria nostra, cras autem indigemus et omnino deficimus. Quomodo ergo possumus esse sine sollicitudine, quando nihil habemus? "

Respondit Virgo: "Si habetis aliqua superflua et quibus carere potestis, vendite ea vel impignorate et sic vivatis sine sollicitudine."

"Sacerdos non debet esse sine libris nec vos sine missa, sed nec missa dici debet nisi in ornamentis mundis. Corpus quoque vestrum non debet esse nudum sed vestitum propter verecundiam et ad vitandum frigus. Ideo talibus omnibus indigetis."