Brigid of Sweden

On Property

Etymology II

"Sacerdos non debet esse sine libris nec vos sine missa, sed nec missa dici debet nisi in ornamentis mundis. Corpus quoque vestrum non debet esse nudum sed vestitum propter verecundiam et ad vitandum frigus. Ideo talibus omnibus indigetis."

Use the English words below, related to the bolded Latin words above, to fill in the blanks in the following sentences. Use the Latin meanings of the word to help determine the meaning of the English word.


Both of the bolded words above, probatur and probatio, come from the verb probo, probare, probavi, probatus.  This verb is the root of many English words. 

From the following list of words, select the words that come from the root probo.

1. She had a remarkable knowledge for someone who had never studied fashion.

2. Although he wanted to paint the wall a bright color, he knew that a neutral tone would be more practical.

3. He was happy to have finally collected the of his favorite poet's work.

4. Please turn the heat up in here- it's !

5. Even before becoming a priest, he was intrigued by the way of life.

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