Adam Marsh and Roger Bacon

On the Scholar

Latin Etymology

Et duobus modis procedam pro veritatibus stabiliendis, probando, scilicet, quod verum est, et dando oppositum, omnia volo solvere quae possunt obici in hac parte. Nam in his erroribus maxime vigent auctoritas fragilis et indigna, et consuetudo longa, et sensus damnabilis multitudinis stultae, quae sunt causa errorum omnium in vita et studio, sicut copiose et efficaciter declaratum est in prima parte huius operis et probatum est.

Use the English words below, related to the bolded Latin words above, to fill in the blanks in the following English sentences.


1. Knowing how the glassware was, I took extra time packing it for shipping.

2. She was such a girl - her energy seemed endless.

3. Under whose do you go against my orders?

4. I questioned the of the treatment when, after four sessions, I saw no difference.

5. Who will us with the information that we need?

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