Thomas Aquinas

On Studies

Latin Etymology

Et sic datur intelligi quod post logicam consequenter debet mathematica addisci, ad quam pertinet quadrivium; et ita his quasi quibusdam viis praeparatur animus ad alias philosophicas disciplinas.

Use the following English words, derived from the bolded English vocabulary above, to fill in the blanks in the following sentences. Refer to the meaning of the Latin words if you are unsure about the words below.


1. Although he studied a number of subject throughout his academic career, he consistently identified philosophy as his primary .

2. When she felt the rage boiling up inside her, she decided to supress her instincts and act amiably.

3. We planned on taking side roads but, because of an accident, the highway was the only route.

4. I spent the entire day collecting about the organization's presidential candidates.

5. They expected a number of ramifications from their decision, but they never considered that her resignation would be a .

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