On the Existence of God

Introduction by Chip Manekin

Maimonides says: “Proposition 25: The principles of a single composite substance are matter and form. And in every way it lacks a mover-operator which would move the matter, until it is ready to receive form. And this is the proximate mover which is the preparer of the single matter. And this requires a consideration about motion, and the mover, and the thing moved. It has, therefore, has already been shown in all these things what must be demonstrated. Moreover, the words of Aristotle [indicate] that matter does not move itself. Moreover this is a strong proposition which leads us to an inquiry about the prime mover. Therefore, of those 25 propositions, some are proved by easy consideration with probable propositions and by reference the first intelligible [principles] or those which are like them; some need many proofs and propositions. However, all have already been proved with proofs in which there is no doubt, partly in the book "On natural hearing" and its explanations, partly in the "Metaphysics" and its exposition. But I have already let you know that it is not our intention in this book to transmit the words of the philosophers, but to demonstrate propositions, proximate and remote -- namely those which we need for the purpose of the argument in which we are [involved].”

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