Magna Carta
Magna Carta
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Latin Etymology

In primis concessisse Deo et hac praesenti carta nostra confirmasse, pro nobis et heredibus nostris in perpetuum, quod Anglicana ecclesiae libera sit, et habeat iura sua integra, et libertates suas illesas.  Concessimus etiam omnibus liberis hominibus regni nostri, pro nobis et heredibus nostris in perpetuum, omnes libertates subscriptas, habendas et tenendas eis et heredibus suis, de nobis et heredibus nostris.

Fill in the blanks using words related to Latin words in the passage.

1. The animal rights activists _____ their case for the _____ of the caged lab rats.
a. presented...liberation
b. argued...freedom
c. pressed...seizure

2. The _____ created the map by _____ a variety of land features.
a. student...drawing
b. cartographer...integrating
c. program...generating

3. He relinquished his _____ claims to the house, _____ doubts as to his parentage.
a. previous...sealing
b. heredity...confirming
c. rightful...instilling

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