Magna Carta
Magna Carta
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Latin Etymology

Nulla vidua distringatur ad se maritandum, dum voluerit vivere sine marito, ita tamen quod securitatem faciat quod se non maritabit sine assensu nostro, si de nobis tenuerit, vel sine assensu domini sui de quo tenuerit, si de alio tenuerit.

Match the word with its definition. The answer will be related to a word in the passage above.

1. v., to agree
a. acquiesce
b. assent
c. concur
d. subscribe

2. adj., the state of being safe
a. secure
b. unassailable
c. unconquerable
d. protected

3. v., to rule over others
a. overpower
b. vanquish
c. dominate
d. subordinate

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