Thomas Aquinas

On Alchemy

Latin Etymology

Respondeo dicendum quod aqua suam puritatem et simplicitatem potest amittere dupliciter, uno modo, per mixtionem alterius corporis; alio modo, per alterationem.


Fill in the blanks in the following English sentences with the words above, which are related to words in the first sentence of this excerpt from Aquinas.  Also note the more obvious related words also found in the sentence (to respond, purity, simplicity, mixture, alteration).

1. Having grown up on the water, Jason was used to playing sports.

2. Because of his behavior, the king was forced to banish his oldest advisor.

3. Frank always tended to his needs before his mental needs.

4. I don't want you to your plans, but I think that your presence is important.

5. One of the candidates didn't even bother showing up to the interview.

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