Thomas Aquinas

On Alchemy

Latin Etymology

Nec est eadem ratio de aquis pluvialibus, quae generantur ex maiori parte ex subtiliatione vaporum resolutorum ex aquis, minimum autem ibi est de liquoribus corporum mixtorum, qui tamen per huiusmodi sublimationem, virtute naturae, quae est fortior arte, resolvuntur in veram aquam, quod ars facere non potest.

The Latin verb facere (to do, to make) is related to many English words.  Fill in the blanks in the follow sentences using words that are related to facere.


1. The remains that you came home past curfew, no matter what the excuse.

2. Could you make a of those documents for me?

3. When I couldn't answer he question, he called me and walked away.

4. We formed a small within the union to fight for less forced overtime.

5. The teacher wrote that I had a great for close analysis of intricate texts.

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