Bartholomew the Englishman

On Perverse Angels

Latin Etymology: Roots

Item, daemones ut dicit Augustinus in eius vivacitate ingenii cognoscunt seminales rerum virtutes nobis occultas quas per congruas et temperatas elementorum per commixtiones spargunt, et sic diversas rerum species producunt quod enim posset per se facere natura successive, hoc potest diabolus facere per accelerationem operum naturae: unde per artem daemonum magi Pharaonis serpentes et ranas subito produxerunt, sicut super Exodum Glossa dicit.

For the following Latin nouns and adjectives from the passage, find the root as described above and type it into the box beside it. The words will be in the case they appear as in the passage, so don't forget to change them to the genitive if necessary!

1. virtutes
2. elementorum
3. operum
4. serpentes

For the following Latin verbs from the passage, find the three stems as described above and type them into the boxes provided. All the words have been changed to 1st person singular, present, active, indicative form.

  Verb: Present Stem Perfect Stem Participial Stem
5. cognosco
6. spargo

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