Bartholomew the Englishman

On Perverse Angels

Latin Grammar: Accusatives

Item, in libro 14 secundum diversas diversorum complexiones varias diversis parant, temptationum illaqueantes deceptiones, nam laetos temptant de luxuria, tristes de discordia, timidos de desperatione, superbos de praesumptione


In this passage, the perverse angels tempt people according to each individual's own particular nature; e.g., the joyful are tempted by extravagance, the sad with dissension, etc.

The preposition de is used in this passage, which requires an object in the ablative. However, if we switch the preposition to ad, the accusative case must be used.

Change the following nouns from the ablative to the accusative case, keeping the same number and gender:

de luxuria ad
de discordia ad
de desperatione ad
de praesumptione ad

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