Bartholomew the Englishman

On Perverse Angels

Latin Grammar: Reading Comprehension

Apparente iudicio cuncto assistente coelestis curiae ministerio, antiquus ille hostis diabolus, belua crudelis et fortis in medio captivus adducetur, et cum suo toto corpore aeternae gehennae incendiis mancipabitur, ubi utique inauditum erit spectaculum, quando haec immanissima belua electorum oculis ostendetur.

Reading Comprehension

Read the Latin passage above and answer the following questions.

1. Who is appearing at Judgment?
a. the curious minister
b. the heavenly ancient one
c. that ancient enemy
2. How will he be led into their midst?
a. blindfolded
b. as a captive
c. as a brave conqueror
3. Who is “belua”?
a. a Beast
b. a whale
c. a warlike creature
4. What will happen to him?
a. He will be shown mercy.
b. He will tremble with his whole body.
c. He will be consigned to the eternal flames of Hell.
5. Who will witness this unheard-of spectacle?
a. the chosen ones
b. a huge monster
c. the voters

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