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Grammar: Noun Cases

Item, idem libro 16 [De gen. anim. 745b34ff?]. Creatio umbilici non est nisi cortex, continens venas, et cum umbilico continuatur, et currit sanguis a matrice per venas umbilici, quasi per canalem ad pueri nutrimentum. Crescit ergo conceptum per esse umbilici, ut dicitur in eodem.

Noun Cases

To translate correctly, one must look very carefully at the context of  each noun within the sentence. In addition,  a thorough knowledge of the declension of that noun will help you to determine its part of speech. 

Identify the following nouns from the passage above, and check the appropriate column for its case: nominative, accusative, or ablative.





1. libro
2. creatio
3. cortex
4. venas
5. umbilico
6. sanguis
7. matrice
8. nutrimentum
9. conceptum

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