On the Necessity of Being

Latin Etymology

Volens igitur contemplari Dei invisibilia quoad essentiae unitatem primo defigat aspectum in ipsum esse et videat, ipsum esse adeo in se certissimum, quod non potest cogitari non esse, quia ipsum esse purissimum non occurrit nisi in plena fuga non-esse, sicut et nihil in plena fuga esse.

Fill in the missing word in the sentences below, using these English words related to Latin words in the text.


1. Sarah made some very arguments against attending kindergarten, but her parents made her go anyway, of course.

2. Joe was never much for astrology; it seemed silly the stars' could tell the future.

3. The plane crash because of the tornado.

4. Summer is a time when you're young, as Grandpa always reminded us. It goes by so fast!

5. Standing on the mountain, the yogi the vista surrounded by silence.

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