On the Necessity of Being

Latin Grammar: Figures of Speech

Sicut igitur omnino nihil habet de esse nec de eius conditionibus; sic econtra ipsum esse nihil habet de non-esse, nec actu nec potentia, nec secundum veritatem rei, nec secundum aestimationem nostram.

Figures of Speech

Below are the definitions of some literary figures of speech.

  • Alliteration: the repetition of initial sounds in a series of words
  • Anaphora: the repetition of an initial word in several succeeding phrases, clauses, or sentences
  • Apostrophe: an emotional address to some person or thing not present

Which figure of speech appears in the sentence above? Select it and indicate which word or words signify the figure you have chosen.

(N.B. the use of esse is not intended as a figure of speech).

Figure of speech:

Signifying word or words:

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