Brigid of Sweden

On the Bishop

Latin Grammar: Uses of the Ablative

Quid facit digitus nisi demonstrationem rei vise, sicut ego videns Deum in humanitate demonstravi eum digito. 'Ecce', inquiens, 'agnus Dei'.

In this passage, Brigid says that when she sees God in humanity, she points him out "with her finger" saying, "Behold! the Lamb of God!" Using the word digito in the ablative, showing by what means or instrument she is using, is but one of many uses of the ablative case. Below are ten uses of the ablative. Match each use with the correct ablative phrase illustrating it.

1. AbsoluteA. summa cum laude
2. AccompanimentB. Helvetii ab patria acti sunt
3. AgentC. natus Venere
4. Comparison D. castra a Caesare superata sunt
5. Manner E. divitior rege
6. Means/instrument F. gladio vulneratus est
7. Origin G. cum fratre
8. Place where H. his rebus gestis
9. Separation I. in piscina cadit
10. Time within which J. tribus diebus

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