On the Dator Formarum

Latin Grammar: Adverbial and Idiomatic Expressions

Et de usu materiae est, quando disponitur dispositione completa ad recipiendum formam, quod scilicet influatur illa forma super eam a datore formarum in materiebus et amovet alias. Et idcirco appropriantur materiae consimiles ut sint materiae diversarum forrmarum a datore formarum.

Adverbial and Idiomatic Expressions

An adverb is a word or phrase which adds more information about the place, time, manner or degree to an adjective, verb, or other adverb.

In the passage above, the adverbs scilicet and idcirco were formed from phrases: scio licet ("that is to say," "of course," "namely") and id circo ("for that reason or purpose," "on that account.") De usu is used idiomatically and is rendered "it happens that."

Match the following adverbs or idiomatic adverbial phrases with their meanings.




1. alicubi
2. antea B. however much
3. eodem C. before
4. ibidem D. therefore
5. ideo E. on this account
6. itaque F. in the same place
7. quam ob rem G. for this reason
8. quamvis H. to the same place
9. sicubi I. somewhere
10. undique J. from every place, on all sides

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