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Latin Grammar: Present Tense Third Conjugation Verbs

Unus fuit apud phylosophos preponere naturalem scienciam. Nos autem eligimus preponere divinam eo quod magis necessaria est et maioris diversitatis est; et quoniam ipsa est finis omnium scienciarum et inquisicionis earum. Unde ipsi propter difficultatem et obscuritatem suam postposuerunt eam; et quia difficilius est eam scire ante naturalem.

The third conjugation has a short stem vowel unlike the first two declensions and the fourth, resulting in a number of sound changes. Third conjugation verbs can resemble perfect tense verbs or other forms if not carefully memorized. Also, be sure to distinguish between the present stem, a short -e-, and the future stem, a long -e-. Translate the following English sentences into Latin, all of which use a third declension verb.

1. We are leading them. .

2. He writes books. .

3. I learn many things. .

4. You (pl.) conquer nothing. .

5. They choose him. .

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