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Latin Grammar: Comparison of Adjectives

Inter omnes autem volucres maxime viget in aquila vis visiva, spiritum enim habet visibilem, temperatissimum, et in actu videndi acutissimum.

As you know, adjectives can take a positive, comparative or superlative form. In this passage, we notice two very obvious superlatives in temperatissimum and acutissimum ("very mild," and "very sharp," respectively. They could also be translated as "mildest" and "sharpest.")

The superlative form of the adjective is made by adding -issim- plus a first or second declension ending to the stem.

Write each of the following adjectives in the superlative masculine singular form and give its translation.


  Adjective Translation Superlative Translation
1. carus dear
2. longus long
3. brevis short
4. altus deep
5. fortis brave

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