Bartholomew the Englishman

On the Eagle

Latin Grammar: Reading Comprehension

Super Psalmos etiam dicit [Augustinus], quod cum senuerit, ita induratur et incurvatur eius rostrum, ut vix possit sumere cibum suum, et contra hoc incommodum invenit remedium, quia petram sibi quaerit, contra quam fortius rostrum percutut et allidit, et sic deponit onus rostri, et cibum capiens, resumptis viribus, iuvenescit.

Answer the following questions based upon the information in the passage above.

1. Augustine is commenting upon--
a. the five senses
b. the Psalms
c. things which have been said before

2. When an eagle gets old, its beak--
a. grows hard and curved
b. can endure a lot  of weight
c. looses its sense of touch

3. To solve this problem, the eagle--
a. sharpens its beak on a cuttle bone
b. drums it against a tree
c. dashes it forcefully against a rock

4. As a result of this action--
a. its beak is gone
b. it can now catch food
c.   both of the above

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