Robert Grossteste

On the Elements

Latin Grammar: The Verb Fio

Multae autem ampullae, cum ascendunt super aquam, simul se tenent per naturam humiditatis ampullarum et ex illis fit vapor vel fumus, ex quibus fiunt nubes.

The verb fio, fieri, factus serves as the passive of the verb facio.  It means “to happen,” “to become,” “to be made,” or “to be done.”  It is a highly irregular verb that is often difficult to recognize immediately.  Practice the verb fio by changing the mood of the following verbs.  Keep the person, number, tense, and voice the same.

1.    fio 
2.    fieremus 
3.    facti sumus 
4.    facti estis 
5.    facti essent 
6.    fiant 
7.    facti erant
8.    fiebatis 
9.    fimus 
10.  factus sis 

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