On the Existence of God

Latin Grammar: Figures of Speech

Verbi gratia lapidem motum movit baculus motus a manu, quam moverunt chorde brachii, quas movent nervi qui sunt in musculis, quos moverunt alii nervi moti a calore naturali quem movet forma ipsius qui est motor primus.

Writers often employ various figures of speech to add color and interest to their words. The above passage is enhanced by the use of at least one such figure. Identify which figure Maimonides uses, and list the words from the passage above which he has used to create that figure.

Is it:
Alliteration, the repetition of an initial word in several succeeding phrases, clauses, or sentences
Litotes, a double negative--this figure affirms one thing by denying its opposite
Oxymoron, a contradiction in terms
Simile, a comparison using "like" or "as"

The figure used is
Words from the passage (name at least six) which form this figure are:
, , ,
, ,

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