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Latin Grammar: Passive Periphrastic Construction

Aliqui etiam voluerunt esse pauciores, et hoc mulitiplici consideratione; sed de hiis non est curandum, quia violenta est eorum interpretatio et deviat a recta ratione.

The passive periphrastic consists of the gerundive, also known as the future passive participle, and a form of the verb sum.  The gerundive is a predicate adjective and thus agrees with the subject of sum in gender, number, and case.  The passive periphrastic indicates necessity or obligation and is commonly translated using “must be,” “has to be,” or “ought to be.”  Translate the following English sentences into Latin using the passive periphrastic construction.

1.  This must be done.  Hoc [facere]

2.  The king ought to be praised.  Rex [laudare]

3.  Eyes ought to be examined.  Oculi [cognoscere]

4.  We must be freed.  [liberare]

5.  You (pl.) have to be heard.  [audire]

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