On Farming


Denique accipit et praeceptum, ut sit quod sibi custodiat paradisum, id est, quo servato, non inde proiiciatur. Recte enim quisque dicitur non custodisse rem suam, qui sic egit ut amitteret eam, etiam si alteri salva sit, qui eam vel invenit vel accipere meruit.
Translate the lines above in the space provided. The following vocabulary notes might be helpful.

, he the , it he of ; , by caring for it, he would not from . For correctly, it that has for his , has thus in such a way that he might it , even it would be for , one or to receive it.

denique: finally
praeceptum (from praecipio) subst.: command
proiiciatur (see grammar 1)
recte: correctly
rem (from res, rei): property
egit (from ago, agere, egi, actum): drive
amitteret (amitto): cast away
salva (salvus, a, um): safe
custodio, -ire: care for

N.B.: eam (last line) is the object of both invenit and meruit accipere.

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