Robert Grosseteste

On the Properties of Fire

Latin Grammar: Infinitive Used as a Noun

Consumit autem iste ignis non id quod est, sed id quod non est,13 peccatum scilicet, cum econtra ignis concupiscientiae id quod est consumat, quia ab esse ad minus esse hominem inflammando trahit.

The infinitive can be used as a noun in which case it is treated as neuter in gender and is generally used as a nominative with the verb esse. Rarely, however, the infinitive is also used as a noun that is the object of a preposition. Translate the following Latin phrases into English.

1. Vivere beate est vivere bene. .
2. Praestat dicere vera. .
3. Audire est discere. .
4. Hoc me agit ab vivere bene ad errare. .
5. Fugi ab servire ad esse liber. .

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