Brigid of Sweden

On Precious Gems

Latin Grammar: Reading Comprehension

"Ideo, filia, sta stabilis, quia pro amplianda corona tua adhuc aliqui lapides sunt necessarii. Nam Abraham et Iob meliores et magis noti seu famosiores facti sunt ex probatione, et Iohannes sanctior ex testimonio veritatis."

Looking at the material in the passages for Grammar I, II, and III, answer the following questions.

*N.B. the following vocabulary words may help:

contumeliose: insultingly
iaspis: jasper
margarita: pearl
smaragdus: emerald
vituperavit: blamed

1. How many precious stones are in the crown of the daughter? __________

2. What does a crown really test, according to your reading? _________

3. The jasper jewel was added by he who...__________

4. The second stone is given by who who...__________

5. List the stones in the order they are mentioned:

6. A test is what made Abraham and Job...______

7. A test also made John..._______

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