William of Ockham

On God

Latin Etymology

Praeterea non minoris efficaciae est potentia Dei absoluta super quamcumque creaturam quam virtus activa creata respectu sui effectus; sed virtus activa creata per alterationem potest reducere se ad pristinum statum; patet de aqua calida quae reducit se ad frigiditatem; igitur sine omni contradictione potest Deus reducere Adam post peccatum ad pristinum statum innocentiae, et per consequens potest sibi remittere culpam sine gratia creata. Exemplum est ad hoc, nam rex potest inimico suo remittere omnem offensam sine omni dono sibi dato et omnem culpam potest sibi remittere; igitur multo magis potest Deus hoc facere.

Find English words related to Latin words from the passage to fill in the blanks in the story below.

Sally was a young lady, but one day she found herself accused of the of stealing a candy bar from the local drug store. "I'm !" she insisted, but a trial of her peers found her nonetheless for the crime. Sally appealed the decision, arguing that Joanna, the key witness, had always been toward her. Hidden cameras in fact revealed that Joanna herself was the party. Sally's record was returned to its state, while Joanna's was forever stained with the transgression.

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