Thomas Aquinas

On God's Knowledge

Latin Etymology

Praeterea, omne scitum a Deo necesse est esse, quia etiam omne scitum a nobis necesse est esse, cum tamen scientia Dei certior sit quam scientia nostra. Sed nullum contingens futurum necesse est esse. Ergo nullum contingens futurum est scitum a Deo. Sed contra est quod dicitur in Psalmo XXXII, qui finxit singillatim corda eorum, qui intelligit omnia opera eorum, scilicet hominum. Sed opera hominum sunt contingentia, utpote libero arbitrio subiecta. Ergo Deus scit futura contingentia.

Use the following English words, derived from the bolded English vocabulary above, to fill in the blanks in the following sentences. Refer to the meaning of the Latin words if you are unsure about the words below.


1. If you insist on bending the rules of our agreement, I will declare the whole thing .

2. Although he enjoyed the insight offered by the humanities, he ultimately chose to pursue and its boundless opportunities for progress.

3. I was unsure about who deserved my vote since both candidates were equally qualified, so I voted for the more of the two.

4. Our argument was so deep-rooted that we decided to go into .

5. When will I have time to worry about the when I am so busy with the present?

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