William of Ockham

On Heresy

Latin Etymology

Tenent isti quod quinque sunt genera veritatum quibus non licet christianis aliqualiter dissentire. Primum est earum quae in Scriptura Sacra traduntur vel ex eis argumento necessario possunt inferri. Secundum est earum quae ab apostolis ad nos per succedentium relationem vel scripturas fidelium pervenerunt, licet in Scripturis Sacris non inveniantur insertae nec ex solis eis possint necessario argumento concludi. Tertium est earum quas in fide dignis cronicis et historiis vel relationibus fidelium invenimus. Quartum est earum quae ex veritatibus primi generis et secundi tantummodo vel ex eis vel alterius earum una cum veritatibus tertii generis possunt manifeste concludi. Quintum est earum quas Deus praeter veritates revelatas apostolis aliis revelavit vel etiam inspiravit aut noviter revelaret vel etiam inspiraret, quae revelatio vel inspiratio ad universalem ecclesiam absque dubitatione pervenit vel etiam perveniret.

Using the English words below, derived from the bolded Latin words above, fill in the blanks in the following English sentences. Use the meaning of the Latin word to help determine the meaning of the English derivative.


1. If you really want to something great, you can't just stumble upon it- you need to invest time and thought.

2. The math teacher skipped operations and proceeded straight to more complex procedures.

3. Why did you by such audacious decorations? Did they not have anything more ?

4. My main goal is to in all of you the drive to succeed.

5. Although he was mostly intrigued by the composition of the stars, he ended up writing a paper on flares.

6. She asked us to make an about the intentions of the novel's protagonist.

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