Brigid of Sweden

On the Horse

Latin Grammar: In Progress Translation

"Item secunda oratio sit talis: 'O, Domine Deus omnipotens, scio me omnia habere a te et sine te nihil esse nec posse nisi solummodo hoc, quod ego ipsemet feci, scilicet peccatum.
Quibus dictis statim apparvit quasi unus equus paratus cum ornamentis deauratis.

Fill in the correct translations of the words missing from the following rendition of the passage above.

Likewise, the following prayer (sit)   thus: ' O Lord God Almighty, I know that I have everything (at te) and without you nothing (esse) nor can be, except only this, which I myself (feci) , namely sin. When this was said, (statim apparvit) as a horse (paratus) with gilded equipment.'

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