Bartholomew the Englishman

On Infancy

Latin Grammar: Reading Comprehension

Caro infantuli recenter nati fluida est et tenella, et ideo necessaria sunt ei varia remedia et fomenta. Et sicut dicit Constantinus libro 3, capite 22. Infantes, inquit, uterum exeuntes, in rosis cum sale tritis involvantur, ut eorum membra confortentur, et a viscosa humiditate liberentur: deinde palatum et gingivae cum digito, melle uncto, fricentur, ut interiora oris mundificentur et confortentur, ut dulcedine et acumine mellis appetitus infantuli provocetur, frequenter balneentur, cum oleo myrtino aut rosaceo ungantur.omnia eorum membra fricentur praecipue masculorum, quorum membra debent esse propter exercitium duriora.

From the passage above, answer the following questions.

1. What part of a newborn is soft and delicate?
Its brain
Its bodily fluid
Its flesh/skin
2. One should wrap a newborn in...
roses mashed with salt.
warm blankets.
other things found for sale locally.
3. The purpose of this wrapping is to...
create a humid viscosity around the infant.
humble the infant freely.
comfort their limbs.
4. With what does one rub infant's gums?
Extract of ginger root
Things dug up around the place
5. Why is this done?
To provoke the baby to be sweet.
To help the child develop acumen.
To stimulate the baby's appetite.
6. After its frequent baths, the baby should...
be oiled with olive scented with myrtle.
be checked for a rose-colored rash.
have its nails clipped.

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