Roger Bacon

On the Location of the Universe

Latin Grammar: Passive Voice

Quod non videtur verum: quia similiter omnia corpora mundi habent sic suas superficies distinctas secundum essentiam et diffinitionem, nec tamen potest dici quod sint locus eorum, immo falsum est hoc; quare similiter nec celum habet propter hoc locum. CONTRA: locatum continetur per sui ultimum; set ultimum celi est superficies convexa; ergo, si illud est locans et ultimum contenti, ergo ultima convexitas potest dici locus celi.

The passive voice indicates an action that the subject undergoes rather than an action that the subject accomplishes. There are also many deponent verbs, such as sequor, that are passive in form but active in meaning. There are also a number of semi-deponent verbs, such as audio, that look passive only in the perfect but are still considered active. Translate the following English sentences into Latin to practice the passive voice.

1. Where is the universe located? ?
2. Follow me! !
3. She seems to be brave. .
4. He dared say this. .
5. We were never found. .
6. They can be killed. .

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