John Duns Scotus

On Logic

Latin Grammar: Identifying Nouns

Si ab aliquo dicatur logicam esse scientiam sermocinalem, ut videtur ex interpretatione nominis: Intelligendum est quod multum convenit cum sermone propter duo: quia conceptus est immediatum significatum per vocem, de quo conceptu est logica; et quia passiones conceptus insunt voci significativae sicut incomplexio, complexio, significare verum vel falsum , ut signo per naturam significati.

Identifying Nouns

As a Latinist, you must always be aware of what gender a given noun is, and to which declension it belongs.  If you can identify nouns properly, you will also be able to understand what role the noun is playing in the sentence, and you can also figure out which adjectives are describing it.

Each of these nouns appears in the passage above.  Put them into the genitive singular, identify their gender, and indicate which declension they are.  Hint: use the passage above for clues!

    Genitive Form Gender Declension
1. logica
2. scientia
3. interpretatio
4. nomen
5. sermo
6. vox
7. conceptus
8. passio
9. natura
10. signum

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