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Latin Grammar: Principal Parts of First Conjugation Verbs

Secundum autem diversas causas diversa sunt signa. Nam quidam clamant, saltant, se et alios vulnerant, et in latebris latitant, de quorum dispositione et differentia supra habitum est, libro 5, ubi agitur de cerebri passione.

Principal Parts of First Conjugation Verbs (plus esse)

Verbs are broken down into three or four principal parts:

  • the first principal part: first person singular, present active indicative
  • the second prncipal part: present active infinitive
  • the third pricipal part: first person singular, perfect active indicative
  • the fourth principal part: usually the perfect passive participle OR supine form.

Give the four principal parts of the following verbs--all of which occur in the passage above.  They are all first conjugation verbs with the exception of the irrigular sunt.

Verb from passage First principal part Second principal part Third principal part Fourth principal part

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