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Latin Grammar: Comparison of Adjectives

Unde Aristoteles libro 8: Feminae, inquit, sunt omnibus generibus animalium debiliores maribus, praeter ursam et leopardam, quia fortiores maribus reputantur et audaciores.

Comparison of Adjectives

Notice the adjectives highlighted in the passage above.  They are in the comparative form, which in English is translated either with the word "more" or with the "-er" suffix.  Thus, the words above would be rendered as follows: 

  • debiliores: weaker
  • fortiores:  stronger 
  • audaciores:  braver

Complete the chart below, giving the comparitive form of each adjective (masc. sing.), and supplying its translation.

  Adjective Meaning Comparative Meaning
1. carus dear
2. longus long
3. altus deep
4. brevis short
5. formosus beautiful

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