Bartholomew the Englishman

On Mountains

Latin Grammar: Reading Comprehension

Aetna est mons in Sicilia insula, ex quo erumpit ignis cum sulphure, quem ad modum in gehenna, ut dicit Isidorus lib. 14. capite 6. Hic mons ab illa parte, qua flat Eurus vel Affricus, habet speluncas plenas sulphuris usque ad mare deductas, quae speluncae in se recipientes fluctus, ventum creant, qui agitatus, ex sulphure ignem gignit, unde et incendium fumosum ad terram, ab hoc monte crumpere consuevit, sicut ibidem dicit Isidorus.

In hoc etiam monte saepe dicuntur apparere quaedam figurae et audiuntur saepe ab incolis terrae circa montem Aetnae gemitus et voces querulosae: unde a plerisque creditur, quod ibi sint loca poenalia, in quibus animae aliquae puniuntur, quod tamen non assero, sed beatus Gregorius in dialogo suo videtur de hoc facere mentionem.

Reading Comprehension
Answer the following questions based upon your reading of the paragraph above.

1. Aetna is
a mountain in Sicily.
a mound of silicone.
an insurance company named for an island.

2. Isidorus says that it
erupts like something in Hell.
spews fire and sulphur.
both of the above.

3. On the side of the mountain where the African wind blows
people can go speluncing.
herds of female horses graze.
sulphur caves lead down to the sea.

4. When waves come into the caves
they bring fire which the wind generates from the sulphur.
people living nearby become agitated.
ventilation is created.

5. On this mountain it is said there are
clay figures of the mountain god.
sounds of the mountain groaning.
terrified inhabitants.

6. Many people believe that
you can get plurisy from the fumes.
souls are punished there.
it would be a good place for a prison.

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