Albert the Great

On the Ostrich


Strutio avis est in desertis Libiae quae tamen saepius in nostris visae sunt partibus. Juvenis est cinera et tota bene pennata,pennis tamen plumalibus non fortibus existentibus: secundo anno et deinceps paulatim in coxis et collo et capite pennas omnino perdit denudato corpore: sed dura pelle protegitur a frigore et pennae dorsi nigerrimae et sicut lana quaedam efficiuntur. Coxas habet magnas valde et crura carnosa pellis albae et duos tantum digitos in pede sicut camelus: et ideo cameleon a quibusdam Graecis vocatur, ab aliis autem asida.

Use the following words to complete the sentences below. Not all words will be used, but all are derived from words in the text. Good Luck!


1. In the founding days of America, trappers hunted beavers for their luxurious .

2. The magician was a great sleight-of-hand artist, as well as a scholar of and illusion..

3. The reckless driver swerved all over the road and the sidewalk, nearly hitting three .

4. Wondering what her place in the world really was, Judy felt herself having an crisis.

5. It is vital that people with use sunscreen to protect their extremely fair skin.

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