Bartholomew the Englishman

On the Pelican

Latin Grammar

Et Glossa super locum illum Psalmi, "Factus sum sicut pelicanus," etc. pelicanus dicitur rostro occidere pullos, et in triduo lugere, et tunc sanguinem suum super eos fundere, et sic illos vivificare.

Conjunctions are words which join words, phrases or sentences. They do not decline or conjugate, nor do they have genders. Match the following conjunctions with their meanings.

1. et a. whence
2. etiam b. and
3. sed c. but
4. tamen d. unless
5. nam e. also
6. unde f. while
7. ergo g. for
8. si h. nevertheless
9. nisi i. while
10. ut j. since
11. dum k. therefore
12. cum l. so that

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